Whitbeck Calls for Leadership in Dulles Greenway Debate

Leesburg, VA – Calling for more leadership on the excessive Dulles Greenway tolls, Loudoun Board Chair candidate John Whitbeck had the following statement on the hearing of two bills impacting the Greenway in the General Assembly:

Whitbeck GreenwayA state senator from southern Virginia is proposing increased regulation of Greenway tolls and Phyllis Randall is nowhere to be found,” said Whitbeck. “Residents of Loudoun County are paying too much to use the Greenway and when bills are heard regarding the issue, we need a Chair who will be vocal and present.  If elected, I will stand up for Loudoun drivers and be a vocal leader on the need for fair tolls and Greenway alternatives.

Currently, Greenway users pay $5.65 to use the Dulles Greenway and even more if they continue through the Mainline Plaza to use the Dulles Toll Road.

Earlier this month, Chair Phyllis Randall was the Loudoun Supervisor who voted for a proposal that would guarantee annual Greenway toll increases through 2056.


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