Whitbeck Proposes Preservation and Strategic Development

Leesburg, VA- Following Thursday’s board meeting, John Whitbeck, candidate for Chair of Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors made the following statement regarding preservation and development:

At the expense of our roads and schools, Chair Phyllis Randall proposed a plan to use taxpayer funds to purchase development rights this evening.

“In an election year stunt, Chair Phyllis Randall attempted to pass a Purchase of Development Rights program through the Board of Supervisors,” said Whitbeck’s campaign manager Tyler Spencer. “Loudoun has had a PDR plan in place for over 15 years so why is Randall just pushing this now?”

Loudoun’s current PDR program has not been funded since 2004.


“There’s a reason why the existing PDR program has been unfunded: it is not cost effective. Rather than pass a plan that would take money away from transportation and education, or require a tax increase, we should look more towards creating preservation plans that are cost neutral or revenue generating,” said Spencer.

“Loudoun needs a comprehensive development strategy that will preserve the rural west and promote strategic development in the east- all aimed at raising our quality of life,” said John Whitbeck.

Whitbeck has been consistent that Loudoun can reconcile its need for development and preservation.

“We must reconcile our need for growth and our desire to preserve our open space. We are going to do that if I am Loudoun’s chair.”


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