Whitbeck to add mental health position in County Attorneys’ office

Candidate for Chair of Loudoun Board of Supervisors will make mental health a priority

Leesburg, VA- In conjunction with the start of Mental Health Awareness Month, John Whitbeck, candidate for Chair of Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors, proposed adding a position to the County Attorney’s office to aid families seeking to obtain mental health treatment.

“As a professor of mental health law at George Mason and mental health attorney in private practice, I ran a clinic for almost 10 years providing free legal services to families attempting to achieve mental health care for their loved ones,” said Whitbeck. “The program was privately funded originally and was so successful, a bipartisan Fairfax County Board of Supervisors adopted the program and funded a full-time position in their County Attorney’s office. Now Fairfax residents have the benefit of free legal services in mental health cases, and this has made a huge difference- increasing access to treatment for mentally ill individuals.”

Whitbeck has spent his entire career practicing law in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia and recently was honored as the “Best Lawyer in Suburbia” by Posh Seven magazine, a local Loudoun publication.  In addition to serving as a professor of mental health law at George Mason, Whitbeck is a former Special Justice hearing mental health cases as a part-time judicial officer.

“If elected Chair of the Loudoun Board, I will do what I have done for almost 20 years in my law practice and make access to mental health care a priority. As Chair I will work to fund a full-time position in the Loudoun County Attorney’s office to provide legal services to Loudoun residents in mental health cases.”


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