Whitbeck Stumps in Western Loudoun

During his campaign team’s Weekend of Action, John Whitbeck spent time speaking with voters in Western Loudoun. Many expressed concerns about the preservation of the rural land that contributes to the character of our community. Whitbeck shared his plan to implement a Transfer of Development Rights program and his opposition to a recent measure that will convert a piece of open space to high density housing.

Whitbeck Loudoun

On Sunday, Whitbeck was joined by Councilman Mike Dunlap in Lovettsville. Together they addressed Loudoun’s need to preserve it open space and natural, historic assets, keeping towns like Lovettsville rural.

“We can meet our needs and grow, but if we fail to put quality of life first, and strike a balance between responsible development and the preservation of our way of life, we will jeopardize the future of our great county,” said Whitbeck.

The weekend in Western Loudoun was met with both support and concerns about the current vision our county. Whitbeck has focused his campaign on these quality of life issues and is dedicated to a balanced development plan that makes sense for Loudoun.

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