Whitbeck Tours Beltway Brewing Company

Last week, Whitbeck toured Beltway Brewing Company located in Sterling. The brewery was founded by Sten Sellier in 2011 to help start up breweries expand their businesses.

During Whitbeck’s visit, Sellier took the time to share his experiences as a brewery owner and Chairman of the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild.

loudoun whitbeck

When he first founded Beltway Brewing Company, Sellier recognized the importance of helping small breweries grow in his community. The costs associated with starting a private label are often too great for many new breweries without production assistance. Since then, the Sterling brewery has continued to offer their services to start up breweries, including recipe formulation, brewing, packaging, and more.

As a fellow business owner, Whitbeck understands challenges new operations face in Loudoun. Like Sellier, supporting local businesses is a priority for Whitbeck.

“Inconsistency and restrictions sends a signal to new businesses that Loudoun is not a business-friendly county.”

As Chair, Whitbeck will work to improve the start up process for small businesses in Loudoun and support all local operations.


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