Whitbeck Focuses on Quality Education

As a father of three daughters attending Loudoun public schools, safe and quality education is personal for Whitbeck and his family. This means keeping class sizes small, supporting our teachers, and ensuring our children’s safety while at school.

Individualized attention is important for young students. Without providing teachers the resources they need and addressing overcrowding, the attention each student can receive is limited. This is why Whitbeck supports a fully funded budget and resource officers in every school. These officers, in addition to addressing safety concerns, allow teachers to focus on the outstanding education they provide their students.

“Ensuring that our schools are safe and fully funded needs to be a top priority for the Board of Supervisors – and it will be when I am Chairman,” said Whitbeck.

Loudoun’s nationally recognized School Resource Officer (SRO) program has been an asset in Loudoun high schools, supporting teachers, providing a better sense of safety, and offering students positive role models. In January, Whitbeck and Sheriff Mike Chapman proposed expanding this program to include officers in elementary schools. Nearly every Board of Supervisor candidate now supports this plan.

Whitbeck has also addressed the issue of pay raises for teachers. While county supervisors will see a 62% increase in salary, Loudoun teachers will only receive 2.2% raises.

“As the son of an educator, I strongly believe that our teachers should come before politicians,” said Whitbeck.

Supporting our teachers and improving school safety will be priorities for Whitbeck as Chair of the Board of Supervisors. This includes putting teachers before politicians, providing the resources they need, and expanding our SRO program to every school in Loudoun.


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