Congressman Riggleman Stumps With Whitbeck

Last night, Congressman Denver Riggleman headlined a fundraiser for John Whitbeck, candidate for Chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

In his remarks, Riggleman touched on the importance of character in politics.

“When you look at a character of a man, I think that’s the first thing you want,” said Riggleman. “That’s why I think the support of this man is so important.”

Riggleman went on to describe Whitbeck as a man of character, courage, and honesty.

Chair of the Board candidateWhitbeck was then asked to speak on the issue of toll increases.

“The deal that was originally negotiated with the Greenway is set to expire in 2020, which means that all the promises that politicians have made about lower tolls in recent years can actually be realized if I am elected Chair.”

When The Greenway proposed extending toll increases until 2056, Chairwoman Randall was the only member of the Board to vote in favor.

“I knew in that moment it was time for me to run for Chairman because we need someone in Loudoun who will oppose these tolls,” said Whitbeck.

Whitbeck is committed to fighting for Loudoun voters and will be a Chairman who supports commuters.


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