Whitbeck to Donate Pay Raise if Elected

After months of discussing the 62% pay raise for County supervisors, John Whitbeck announced his intention to donate the raise to a local charity if elected. Over four years, this would total nearly $100,000.

Whitbeck never intended to take this raise and stated, “I will refuse pay raises and respect the Loudoun County taxpayer” when first discussing this issue in May.

This issue has become a major distinction between Whitbeck and his opponent, incumbent Chair Phyllis Randall, who voted down a more reasonable 17% raise to favor the proposal for a 62% salary increase.

Announcing his plans, Whitbeck reiterated his stance, “I will not accept the 62% pay raise for supervisors if elected. For me, this is about public service.”

This comes on the heels of an ad released at the beginning of August discussing Whitbeck’s opposition to higher taxes and pay raises for politicians. The ad has captured the interest of voters countywide and has accumulated over 20,000 views.


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