Whitbeck Celebrates India’s 73rd Year of Independence

August 15th marked the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence. In 1947, after more than 200 years of British rule, India’s first Prime Minister marked their new sovereignty by raising their national flag over the Red Fort in New Delhi.

Whitbeck joined those celebrating in Prince William County on Sunday at the Indian Independence Day Festival. The event featured its own raising of the Indian national flag as traditionally seen in New Delhi during the nation’s annual celebration of their independence.

The festival featured local vendors, performances by Bollywood celebrities, and family fun!

Throughout his campaign, Whitbeck has focused on the issue of unity in our community. In August, Pawan Singh, a prominent member of the Sikh Community, hosted a unity focused rally in support of Whitbeck

At this event, Whitbeck stated, “Loudoun County is ready for leadership that unifies communities and doesn’t divide them. Residents are coming together with one principle in mind for their county government: quality of life.”

As Chair, Whitbeck hopes to bring together Loudoun’s community of diverse faiths, backgrounds, and traditions by focusing on quality of life for all.


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