Tony’s Story

Leesburg—This morning, John Whitbeck, candidate for Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, released his newest campaign ad featuring an inspiring testimony from Whitbeck’s client Tony Quintana. In a seven year legal battle, Quintana and Whitbeck took the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Argentina and won, bringing Tony’s daughters back home to Loudoun County.

After years apart, Tony was finally reunited with his daughters in 2017. The case gained remarkable local attention and was featured in the Loudoun Times Mirror. When recounting the case, Mr. Quintana praised Whitbeck for his efforts.

“Eventually the Supreme Court of Argentina agreed that my daughters be returned to Loudoun County. That is the type of guy that John Whitbeck is. He answers the call, he fights for families.”

“I am very proud to have represented Tony,” said Whitbeck. “Despite the odds, we won the battle and brought his daughters back home to Loudoun County.”

Whitbeck plans to bring his passion for advocacy to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors in the same way he has advocated for Tony and others throughout his career in Loudoun.


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