Whitbeck Rallies at Selma Mansion

Leesburg— On the evening of September 18th, over 150 voters packed into the Selma Mansion in anticipation of a rally with John Whitbeck. The event was hosted by the historic site’s owners, Sharon Virts and Scott Miller, who purchased and began renovating the once-endangered site in 2016.

During his speech to the crowd, Whitbeck focused concerns of school safety, support for small businesses, traffic, and the punishing tolls on the Greenway.

“For 20 years, I’ve lived here, and it’s never been harder to go to school, drive on our roads, and to start a business,” said Whitbeck. “That ends November 5th.

Whitbeck plans to be a Chairman focused on getting results for Loudoun County. If elected, Whitbeck will fight for lower tolls and shorter commutes, expand our nationally recognized School Resource Officer Program, and support small, local businesses.

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