Whitbeck Addresses Education and Diversity at Meet and Greet

Whitbeck candidateSterling—Yesterday evening, Dr. Mohammad Akbar hosted a Meet and Greet for John Whitbeck, candidate for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Over 50 members of the Sterling community attended the event and had the chance to ask Whitbeck about issues affecting their quality of life.

During a Question and Answer session, Whitbeck was asked why he felt he was the best candidate for Chair of the Board.

“My values are your values,” said Whitbeck.

Whitbeck went on to describe his role as a small business owner, father of three daughters attending public school, homeowner, and community member. He described these roles as integral to the values he shares with Loudoun residents and why he understands the need for school safety, a streamlined business application process, and lower taxes.

Whitbeck CandidateDuring the event, Whitbeck also discussed the importance of protecting Loudoun’s diversity.

“Loudoun is an incredibly diverse county,” said Whitbeck. “We should be free to worship however we choose and we should be free to send our kids to school without fear of bullying because of religion or culture.”

Education was a major focus during the event, especially the issues of bullying and safety. In January, Whitbeck proposed to expand Loudoun’s School Resource Officer program. As Whitbeck explained yesterday, Loudoun’s nationally recognized program has helped keep our schools safe and promote a positive culture for over two decades.


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