Loudoun Chamber Chairman Debate Recap

Leesburg, VA—John Whitbeck, candidate for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, faced opponents Bob Ohneiser and incumbent Chair Phyllis Randall this morning at the Loudoun Chamber’s debate.

Discussing support for tourism and local business, Whitbeck called attention to the burdensome and inconsistent regulations threatening businesses in Loudoun.

“Bear Chase Brewery was forced to put in an $80,000 commercial entrance right before they opened,” said Whitbeck. “If that had been a mom and pop shop, they would have never been able to open.”

As a long-time Leesburg business owner, Whitbeck discussed his experiences with the challenges presented by unpredictable regulations and committed to making Loudoun County the most business-friendly county in Northern Virginia.

Whitbeck also voiced his support for transportation funding focused on relieving traffic congestion with reminders that guaranteed annual toll hikes on the Greenway have contributed significantly to the traffic concerns Loudoun commuters face.

Whitbeck also discussed the importance of addressing Northern Virginia’s excessive tolls, stating, “Chair Randall was the only Supervisor on an 8-1 vote to support Greenway toll increases until 2056.”

During the debate, Whitbeck took the time to highlight the importance of expanding Loudoun’s nationally recognized School Resource Officer program.

“As a father of three daughters attending public school in Loudoun County, nothing is more important than their safety while at school.”

Whitbeck first proposed the expansion of Loudoun’s School Resource Officer program in January alongside Sheriff Mike Chapman.

At the end of the debate, candidates were asked to describe their campaigns briefly. Ohneiser said “Sincere,” Whitbeck said “Quality of Life,” and Randall said “Better.”

“The Board of Supervisors is not about being ‘better’ at campaigning than one candidate or another,” said Whitbeck. “It is about sound policy and an interest in public service.”


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