Whitbeck Releases New Ad Focused on Education

Loudoun County, VA—John Whitbeck, candidate for Chairman of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors, released a campaign ad this week discussing education. The ad featured Whitbeck’s three daughters, all who attend public school in Loudoun County.

“There is nothing more important to me in the world than my three girls,” said Whitbeck. “So when I send them to school everyday, I always think about the quality and security of our schools.”

Whitbeck has proposed expanding mental and behavioral health support and Loudoun’s nationally recognized School Resource Officer program. Whitbeck has also pledged to prioritize pay raises for teachers before politicians.

In January, Sheriff Chapman and John Whitbeck first proposed the expansion of the School Resource Officer program. Since then, the plan has received overwhelming support from parents and teachers in Loudoun.

As a mental health lawyer, Whitbeck understands the impact mental health has on all our lives and proposed increasing support for students struggling with mental and behavioral health issues.

Whitbeck also supports fully-funded schools, measures to reduce crowding, and higher pay for teachers.

“When I send my girls to school everyday, I want to know that all of our children are getting the very best,” said Whitbeck.


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