John's Focus



Loudoun’s transportation problems require vision and leadership. As Chairman, John will support strategies to lower tolls, reduce commutes, and improve the flow of traffic.

John is committed to:

  • Fighting annual toll increases on the Greenway
  • Building alternatives to the Greenway and Rt. 50
  • Updating existing infrastructure
  • Preparing for full utilization of metro

The Greenway’s deal for guaranteed annual toll increases expires in 2020. This is Loudoun’s opportunity to lower tolls, and Chairwoman Randall chose instead to vote for 35 more years of punishing, guaranteed toll hikes on the Greenway. Loudoun commuters cannot afford this deal, and John will fight for the lower tolls our community deserves.


As a father of three daughters attending Loudoun public schools, quality and safe education is a priority for John and his family. This is why he and Sheriff Mike Chapman proposed the expansion of Loudoun’s nationally recognized School Resource Officer program to include elementary schools.

John’s priorities for education:

  • Reduce crowding in schools
  • Support mental and behavioral health services for struggling students
  • Expand Loudoun’s School Resource Officer Program
  • Support teachers, provide them with quality resources


John understands the tax burden homeowners face in Loudoun. He will fight for lower taxes and refuse the 62% pay raise for supervisors voted in by the current Chair.

“The county cannot keep taxes low if the Supervisors are allowed to increase their own pay. As Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, I will refuse pay raises and fight for lower taxes.” —John Whitbeck

By diversifying our tax base, we can lower property taxes and continue to provide quality services to Loudoun residents.


John ran a pro bono mental health clinic for 10 years helping families find care for their loved ones. It was so successful that Fairfax County decided to fully fund the clinic as a line item in their budget. John hopes to add the same position right here in Loudoun.

John has proposed:

  • Adding a mental health advocate to the Loudoun County Attorney office
  • Offering behavioral and mental health services for students

For 10 years, John worked with law students at George Mason University to advocate for mental health. He understands the importance of this issue to Loudoun’s families and is passionate


As an attorney and small business owner in Loudoun for nearly 20 years, John has experienced firsthand the inconsistencies and restrictions new businesses can face. He is committed to making Loudoun a business friendly county in order to create more jobs right here at home, reduce traffic, and strengthen our economy.


Loudoun’s land use issues are twofold. There is not enough housing considered attainable for county employees, seniors, and young families while our farmland and open space is threatened by the encroachment of suburbia. John will work with all stakeholders to overhaul our zoning ordinances, implement a well thought out housing strategy, and preserve open spaces.

John’s balanced vision for housing includes:

  • A Transfer of Development Rights program
  • 0% net loss of farmland
  • More attainable housing

When John and his wife first moved to Loudoun, they lived an Affordable Dwelling Unit in Sterling. He understands the need for attainable housing and is committed to finding solutions that preserve Loudoun’s open spaces.